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1. Minimum 2,000 players participate to kick start the calculation of Leadership Board.

2. Play2earn Battle only open for 14 days period after the game start.

3. Scores in the leaderboard will be updated after 4pm every day.

4. The scores of Play2Earn Battle will not converted to OTX, daily scores will be accumulated in leaderboard, and the top 3 highest score players of these 14 days period will be the winners.

5. Participants will need to register an account in OVR Seed Bank and use the same email address to submit the scores in the "name" column. Only valid and verified email addresses will list into leaderboard, other than that will be ignored.

6. Only the highest score per email will be taken into account.

7. Prize will be credited to your OVR Seed Bank account, users can withdraw from OVR Seed Bank account to Touch N Go E-Wallet or bank account. 

8. Minimum withdrawal amount is RM2, 
RM1.10 of transaction charges will be applied on each withdrawal.

9. One person should have one account only. If found multiple accounts are created and any unusual activities involving, all withdrawals made from that account will not be taken into account. We will not proceed any withdrawals made from that account(s). 

10. Withdrawal must be under your name. The bank account number or Touch N Go E-Wallet name must be same as your OVR SEED BANK account name. Therefore, you will need to register your FULL NAME during your registration in OVR SEED BANK. We will not proceed to any withdrawals if the Bank Account Name or Touch N Go E-Wallet name is not the same as your registered name in OVR SEED BANK. This is a verification process to ensure a fair competition.

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